What everyone Else says

When I approached my friends and family about the light bulb moment, they all just stared at me blankly.  I am not too sure if  they understood my concern with what was going on, or even worse what might happen.  I was very confused.  Honestly these are the people you turn to in time of need, and  they were looking at me like I was crazy.  I don’t think they understood my fear, or for that wanted to understand this new paranoia.

Talk about a kick to the teeth.  Then I remembered the one of the very first seminars my husband dragged me too.  They spent most of the weekend talking about the idea of Content vs. Context…to be successful you need to surround your self with those who share the context side of the glass, as the content is subjective.  Meaning you only ever learn what you think/feel is important.  You cannot force some one to change their context like you can force feed content.  Make sense?

From that point on, although I will admit it  is difficult on a regular basis, but I had to stop caring about what others thought of me.  I am going to do right by me, my husband and my kids, no matter what others may think of my so called  madness.  One of my favourite quotes of all times says it best…

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.
― Dr. Seuss


Starting at the beginning

Okay now  that most of the back history has been established, I will start to write the what it is that I set out write about.

This whole thing sits hard for me every I attend a conference, seminar, or teaching, as there is always someone, myself included who asked or questioned why this stuff is not taught in the school systems.  The idea of having some basic ideas of around business, and money seems to be a basic life skill, and the idea of school is to educate our children to be ready for tomorrow; it seems to be a legitimate question.  The more information I gathered for myself, the more I realized that it the schools responsibility to teach academic skills, not life skills…No matter what the name of the class is.  If we want for our children to be leaders, we have to show them how to do that.  If we want for them to think independently, it is up to us as the parents to ask questions to get them to think out side the proverbial box.  We cannot afford to wait for the school to do it…This type of learning has  to begin at home.

I have been doing a fair bit of reading on the subject of teaching kids about money, and I have found that there are generally 2 different camps, the institution (Banks, schools, government) side, and  then there is the Entrepreneurial side.  There is no right or wrong side, it is what you believe, know, what, feel, and agree with.

With all  that said, I ask you to think about these 4 things.

  1. You need to decide which side of  the debate you ARE on.
  2. You need to decide what side of the fence you WANT to be on.
  3. Think of where you WANT YOUR KIDS be, Learn, Understand about money and business, and finally….
  4.  What ARE YOU going to do about it.

Missing Penny

As I have said previously  this blog is a chance for me to chronicle my learnings, thoughts and ideas around my kids, our family businesses and money.  I look at it as a combination of two old adages…

If I had a penny for every time….

 along with

A penny for your thoughts…

Pennies are such an integral part of our lifestyle, but hardly anyone uses them.  They are always around, in your pockets, at the bottom of your purse, or just lying there on the ground, but how often does one actually use one.  It is just easier to use all the other forms of coin currency greater in value.  In the end we all just end up collecting more and more pennies.  Pennies for the most part are everywhere; except when you physically need one.  When you are that 1 cent short…you know you have one, somewhere, but it is not there…the missing penny.

But if someone decided to collect all the missing pennies… they would really start to add up.  I find my kids are great  for this.  They will collect pennies from anywhere, and  they do not care that it is just a penny, it still makes  that kurplink sound as it hits the bottom of the piggy bank.  Over time their piggy banks fill with these forgotten coins, as they collect these missing coins.  Eventually they add up $1, $2, $5, not huge amounts, but not bad for collecting missing pennies.

The same is true when I think of my learnimgs, thoughts, and ideas…if I don’t do something with them, then they are just like the missing pennies.  It is my hope that through this blog, I can take everything I have collected, count it out, and at the end of the day have some thing to show for it…  This Blog…This is how I am going to count my missing pennies.