Starting at the beginning

Okay now  that most of the back history has been established, I will start to write the what it is that I set out write about.

This whole thing sits hard for me every I attend a conference, seminar, or teaching, as there is always someone, myself included who asked or questioned why this stuff is not taught in the school systems.  The idea of having some basic ideas of around business, and money seems to be a basic life skill, and the idea of school is to educate our children to be ready for tomorrow; it seems to be a legitimate question.  The more information I gathered for myself, the more I realized that it the schools responsibility to teach academic skills, not life skills…No matter what the name of the class is.  If we want for our children to be leaders, we have to show them how to do that.  If we want for them to think independently, it is up to us as the parents to ask questions to get them to think out side the proverbial box.  We cannot afford to wait for the school to do it…This type of learning has  to begin at home.

I have been doing a fair bit of reading on the subject of teaching kids about money, and I have found that there are generally 2 different camps, the institution (Banks, schools, government) side, and  then there is the Entrepreneurial side.  There is no right or wrong side, it is what you believe, know, what, feel, and agree with.

With all  that said, I ask you to think about these 4 things.

  1. You need to decide which side of  the debate you ARE on.
  2. You need to decide what side of the fence you WANT to be on.
  3. Think of where you WANT YOUR KIDS be, Learn, Understand about money and business, and finally….
  4.  What ARE YOU going to do about it.