Writing for Writing

It has been a few weeks since I last sat down to write something for my blog.  I  think that is important to keep the brain working even if  there is difficulties in the way.  I find it so easy to not  come to the site and pretend that it was not one of the things that I said I would do for myself.  Why is  that?  As a mom of 2 busy kids and a wife of a business busy husband, why do I always seem  to let the stuff I want to do fall  through the cracks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining (well not completely).  I have things fairly easy in that I don’t have to worry about a 9-5 job along with all the other stuff.  As an example, my husband hits me today with…”I hope it is okay for me to be away for the next 6 weeks…”  What am I going to say … He and his business are the main support of our lifestyle, and I know that if given the option he would stay, but really 6 weeks.  I have a complete appreciation for single parents.  But the question  then comes back to how do you stay on task, when you are being pulled in 10 different directions.

Here is my plan…

  1. Take things one thing at a time…there is no reason sweating small stuff.  I cannot change how things are, but I do have a say as to how I feel about them.
  2. Make time…. I  know it sounds silly, but I have started to schedule time to get things done  that I need done, or that I want to do. (like writing on my blog, working on My business, or just taking time for me).
  3. Keep perspective…. I have to remember that although it might feel like I am on my own, I am not…I have a wonderful support system, and I cannot be afraid to use them.
  4. Don’t get bogged down… If you need to take a break from something take it.  Fighting it is a waste of energy, and hard on ones psyche.  Once you start feeling defeated  it is so much harder to keep the focus.
  5. Remember you are Important… It is easy to get caught up in family life going on around you, that it is even easier to forget that you are important too.  Your interests, your hobbies and your business is important…make YOU matter.

Keeping this 5 step plan in mind, my promise to myself (since I am the only one who reads my blog  :)) is…

  1. make 3 goals and post them to the blog
  2. write at least 1 new post every week for the next 6 weeks. (if not more)
  3. take some time for me. (go to the gym, get hair done, or just dress in real clothes everyday), and
  4. to ask for help when I need it.

I  will keep things posted

Wish me Luck….