Focus or Lack there of

Well it seems as though things keep gong round and round …I think I have an idea and then nothing, it hen repeat. Why is that I can never find one thing and stick with it for longer then a few months. I know that I do not have the worlds greatest attention span, but I can stay on task it has urgency. Then why can I not seem to find that 1 thing that is calling me, that 1 thing that I cannot be without, why do I always allow others to supersede whatever I am focused on. Well there is now an answer….it is an easy excuse. How many times have we all said that we are too busy, there is not enough time, other people are counting on me!

It is a crazy cycle of engagement and distraction. For me as soon as things become uncomfortable or “scare” me I back off and throw myself into everyone else’s issues, everyone else’s problems. They become my focus not MY task. I have become extremely focused on everyone else and have left no time to focus on me, what I want to to do.

So what am I going to do about it. I am going to do what was talked about this weekend, and focus on 1 thing at a time. Apparently this tasks going to be much harder then I had originally thought as just after I finished typing my plan, I made a phone call, went to the washroom, answered 4 emails, and now I am back typing.

I think I am going to need more help then I had originally thought. Uh Oh!!!