Weekly Check in!! Week 1

Well in the spirit of keeping with Goal #1 here is my weekly post.  I thought (and to be honest) it is easiest to comment on the standing on how I am doing with my 3 goals, and the 6 week target.

Well I am writing and posting, albeit an easy post with only subjective info, I am keeping with what I defined in goal 1.  So one check mark for me…

As for Goal 2…not such a great news…Honest I have had 0 headway on this, and I have not really even thought about it over the last week.  I have however thouight about my business and what kind of things that I am wanting to do.  But that was not the goal, so that one earns me a huge X.

On to Goal 3 which is my wishy washy goal, the one that is completely subjective.  Being true to me, and taking care of me above all else.  The good news is that I have taken time everyday to do something for my self, be it read, go to the gym, play a game, laugh. cry, whatever….everyday I have done something just for me…on the down side I have not been tracking it as I said I would, I have not done the journal at all, which is something I need to do.

Well all said and done, these 3 goals have lasted longer then the average New Years Resolution, but I am a long way away from achieving them.

Thanks for holding me accountable to my goals….