Sleepless Nights

You know the times when you are beyond tired, but you cannot sleep. Your thoughts are moving 100 Miles an hour, but your body is screaming SLEEP!! But as much as you want to you just cannot fall into a deep slumber. Sometimes (honestly most times) it is due to stress, but there is the odd time when you have one of those days where something gets you thinking. It could be as simple as a song on the radio, or a news story. But today for me, it was a simple telephone conversation with a friend I had not seen in over a year. We started talking about a potential business opportunity, but we soon digressed into the mundane of the everyday. Which lead to a discussion centred around our own struggles, our own fears, and our own expectations. The catch is that although we live on opposites sides of the country, we share a very distinct similarity. We are both in search our ultimate passion. We are both for lack of a better term, lost.

It is reassuring to now that I am not losing the last of my marbles, and that no matter how I feel I am never alone in my thoughts, worries, or fears. We had one of those conversations that kept replaying over and over in my head, and each offered more questions then answers. Which made me think of one of favourite quotes from one of my favourite childhood authors.

sometimes the questions are complicated, the answers are easy. Dr. Seuss


Why is that we lose sight of the answers, and get focused and bogged down with the questions? It feels that we are always in search of the perfect questions to find the perfect answers. And if the answer makes us feel uncomfortable we rephrase the question, and are no longer satisfied with the answer. Confusing. No wonder there are those that feel lost. No wonder we feel we are constantly in search of “our true calling”.

Do not worry, and have no fear, we are not alone. If we can find a way to simply the questions, the answers will become more clear. If we work as a team, support each other in finding our paths, we can find the inner strengths needed to make the change to help each other grow stronger, and change the world, one “lost dream” at a time.