Paralyzed by Over Thinking

Have you ever had on of those days, weeks, months or even years, when all you can do is think.  You have great aspirations of doing something amazing, but all you can do about it is think.  That seems to be my problem right now.  I have a thought, think I have a plan, and then instead of acting on the plan, I start thinking again.  It is an awful feeling, isn’t it.  I know I am not alone in this.  We all have our moments of greatness, moments of inspiration, moments of sheer excitement, but what is it really that stops us from taking the next step…

Is it the FEAR? The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of perception, the fear of change…

Is it the HOW? How do I/we start, how will it work, how will people think of me, how will it be successful?

or is it the FOCUS? keeping it, directing it, allowing for it.

For me…it is a combination of all the above.  I have an ingrained fear of failure, at the same time the value of not putting others ahead of myself.  It is really hard to put the time needed into something when you are needed, no expected to fill the needs of those around you (aka husband and children).

So what I am doing about this.  This blog is the first thing, mind you the only person who knows about the blog is my husband 🙂  but it is slowly teaching me to keep going, not to give up, one baby step at a time.  I have put myself out there more with the blog, I am writing, being creative, using my brain, and most important is I am now putting my thoughts down in writing.  In turn helping me keep focus.  Which is key.