Obliviously Obvious

Have you ever had a moment where everything comes  together as one.  You can see Everything so much more clearer then ever before.  You often wonder WHY you were never able to see it before.  It really doesn’t matter what problem was.  It could be as simple as what to have for dinner?, or it could be seeing something for the first time to solve the ways of tomorrow.  It all seems so simple and obvious once the clarity kicks in.  That is what happened for me this weekend while attending a great conference in Edmonton Alberta.  Everything that seemed so mountainous and vast became more tangible and doable.  I have nicknamed this phenomenon as the Obliviously Obvious.  The answers all not so complicated…the  are obvious to the nearest person, and you have thought about it a thousand times and it was always too easy, so it could not be the correct answer…Could it?


The next time there is something that is puzzling, or feels to big to tackle, do yourself a favour and listen to the first thing that pops into your head.  Don’t think to hard about it, and just give it a try.  One of the speakers at the conference (Marshall Sylver) was great at throwing things back at you in the simplest form…”want to lose weight?…Eat less Move more”.  Pretty darn simple.  Common sense wins 99% of the time.  If it seems to simple maybe it is because the answer really is that simple.

I’ll end with one of my favourite quotes, from one of my favourite Authors…(I know it has been posted before…but it is always worth repeating).

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

 Dr. Seuss