Now What??!!

Now What??  Talk about a loaded question.  I have spend the last 2 months working on very specific goals, and working hard at keeping them on target, ensuring and focusing on the achievement of these stated goals, but now that they are done I am left with the feeling of NOW WHAT??

So doing what it is that I always seem to do when I  have questions about something…I turned to the internet for answers. (and I  know I not alone in this practice).  The thing that kept coming up was that I am not alone in  this feeling, in fact it is  very common.  Think about it…you have worked your ass off to get to your goal weight, and you are riding the feeling of success, but what happens next? you did it, you feel great, but over time old habits sneak back in, the gym is not such a priority, you stop thinking  about food the same way you were when you were achieving the goal…and eventually over time the weight starts creeping back, and without  even realizing it you are right back where you  started.  Only now you are twice as pissed off and frustrated, so it becomes even harder to set and achieve that weight loss goal.  Like I said  this is very common.  When we lose focus or do not have a focus, it  is next to  impossible to keep the same intensity.  I am not saying that are people out  there that cannot do it, but they are rare and hard to find, in my opinion.

In my readings this is also common in elite athletes  so what ever you do do not feel discouraged.  It literally happens to everyone.

The way to  fix this is to have new goals in place before the completion  of the previous goals are concluded.  Either by adding an other level to the goal, or have a new goal with a specific starting point.

Where I went wrong is with not having any plan following the 6 week experiment   I  have no idea what is  next and worse no plan.  I  need to re-evaluate things and decide where and what I need to focus  on.