Goal 2 of 3

Walt Disney, Pioneer of Animation and Founder of Walt Disney Company and Disneyland

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“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Goal #2

  1. To organize and have an anniversary open House for My Fifth Avenue Collection.  On the week end of April 5.  (like my other goal, I have also written out this goal on a sticky note and posted where I can see it on a regular basis).
  2. I have told anyone who comes across the blog, along with my family  members to remind me of my goal.
  3. This is something that has a beginning middle and an end.  I have to plan, invite and organize.
  4. The milestones can happen as I organize.
  5. Plan to complete the invitation lists, complete invites, arrange for small token of appreciation, plan food, organize inventory, and allow time for follow up, and final organization.