First Realization

Over the years  there have been a number of different times were the information I was hearing, I was actually absorbing.  You know the feeling of energy, motivation, and necessity.  The one that hit me  the most, that slap up side the head, happened last year in Edmonton Alberta.  I was listening to Arlene Dickinson  tell of her early beginnings, and her motivation to get her to being one of the most successful Canadian Women.  The things she said really made sense, and if I did not make a change in  the direction of my life, I am the only one to blame for it.

As I said, I have been at home since the birth of my first child, helping, and supporting my husband in his endeavors with Business and real estate.  I am not complaining, I consider myself to be very luck to live the life choices I do.  I get to drop my kids off and pick them up everyday from school, I get to go to every activity, play, game, or concert without thinking.  I do not have to stress if one of the kids are home sick…I am just there, and I love it.

The Light bulb moment for me was when Arlene Dickinson asked what would you do to survive if  the worse thing happened.  What would I do if it was upto me, myself and I to support the family?  I haven`t had a real job in years, I did not know anything about business, what would we do…Then an even bigger thought came to me…What have I taught my kids about surviving?  They had no real context to know anything, “Daddy works at the kitchen table, and mommy does stuff at home” is what they told their Daycare teacher 2 years ago.  From that moment forward I knew something had to change and the something was me.