Goal 3 of 3

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

500px-Edison-at home in Ft. Myers Florida 1914 detail LC-LC-USZ62-131044 .tiff adjustedThomas Alva Edison, American inventor and businessman


Goal #3

  1. To more true to myself, and not allow for others to dictate my Place  (like my other goal, I have also written out this goal on a sticky note and posted where I can see it on a regular basis).
  2. I have told anyone who comes across the blog, along with my family  members to remind me of this goal.
  3. This goal is feeling based, and I do not necessarily know if it is tangible, as it is so subjective (that is why It is a  6 week experiment).
  4. I can judge as to the way things are going based on attitude and feeling.
  5. Plan to complete a daily journal to gauge the feelings and thoughts of the day, as well it will give me a reference point to look back on.

Let the 6 week Goal Experiment Begin….